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Call Of Duty Mobile: How To Get Snowflakes?

Know how to get snowflakes in Call of Duty Mobile's recent event.

Call of Duty Mobile event, Winter Snowflake event is out now and has introduced a wide set of content. CODM’s new update includes a new multiplayer mode, 2 fan-favourite maps- Raid and Nuketown, rare skins with all types of rewards as we enter the festive month. It includes a free-Ghost stealth skin that the players can activate only during the event. This event mainly includes snowflakes as the festive week comes closer which can get you all types of rewards like Weapon XPs, crates, rare skins, and guns. Here’s our guide on how to get Snowflakes during the event in COD Mobile.

How to Get Snowflakes in COD Mobile?

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Let’s take a look at what are snowflakes in the update before starting on how to get Snowflakes?

What are snowflakes in COD Mobile?

Snowflakes will serve as currency to redeem rewards during the Winter Snowflake event. With these snowflakes, you can redeem all types of rewards by going to the Snowflake Exchange Center in the menu tabs.

How to get Snowflakes in CODM Winter update?

You have to complete daily challenges to get them. Although you can access Ghost stealth skin during this event, you can get it in your inventory permanently for 70 snowflakes. You will also have an opportunity to buy a Bright Nova gun and a character with a Hazmat suit for free with snowflakes. The only matter of concern here is that challenges in the event currently reward 1 snowflake and even if there are 5 challenges it won’t be enough to redeem rare rewards before the event completes. But the current daily challenges are quite a beginner level with challenges like “Win a game in Multiplayer” or “Play a game in Battle Royal”. This makes sure that future challenges will be much harder and reward players with more Snowflakes. Be patient and keep on earning those snowflakes daily as the Winter Snowflake event progresses.

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