Call of Duty: Cold War Trailer Erases The Line Of Past And Present Political Climate

There's no end to war

Infinity Ward finally dropped the trailer for their highly anticipated game Call of Duty: Cold War and more than a trailer for the game it looks like a commentary to what’s happening with the political climate of the United States of America.

No gameplay has been shown but you see Call of Duty: Cold War’s trailer opening with targeting the tensions between the United States and Russia. The Cold War may have ended but this new trailer shows glimpses that will convince you that things have only cooled down on the surface while a lot of tension lies underneath.

Cold War’s trailer also shows how it takes 15-20 years to demoralize a nation, with everything that is happening in recent years you cannot argue that Infinity Ward is trying to push hard on the anxiety that has been built up between the people of these two nations for the game.

The Cold War was one of the tensest times in recent history, as both the United States of America and the Soviet Union were two of the biggest nations with nuclear weapons at their disposal. Though it never came to the use of these deadly weapons we might get to see an angle about the same being played.

The trailer also goes ahead in explaining how to destabilize a nation just like George Orwell did in his book, with the final words saying, “Know Your History, Or Be Doomed To Repeat It”. It looks the commentary on this part of the video is clear to anyone who is ready to read between the lines.

Another upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion has made similar claims in their trailer of the game which eerily predicts where we are going ahead with automation, surveillance, and more.

With the console generational shift, we’re also getting to see a narrative shift that is being borrowed heavily by real-life events that have happened or are cursed to happen at some point in the future.

More revelations about Call of Duty: Cold War will be made on August 26, 2020, worldwide where we’re hoping to get to see the gameplay trailer and more about the game.