Call Of Duty 2025 Potentially Takes You Back To The Future For A Sequel

The much awaited sequel to Black Ops 2 might be finally coming out with Call of Duty 2025. Here are all rumors, speculations, and more on the game.

With the Modern Warfare 3 release not so long ago, reports of other potential releases are now turning up. While Modern Warfare 4 has been at the top of speculations, it’s Call of Duty 2025, the potential sequel to Black Ops 2 that has caught the eye of the fanbase. However, all that is there for players at this points are rumors and speculations.

Nevertheless, if you are a fan of the FPS games of the series, you would want to know all there is to know about it. 2025 is pretty far at this moment and there are no confirmed reports on when the game might turn up. However, that won’t stop the gaming community to try and read through all leaks and rumors. Having said that, I have summed up everything there is available for you to know so far, and you can bet there will be more once there are other leaks or official reports.

Call of Duty 2025 Might Serve as the Sequel to Black Ops 2

Call Of Duty 2025 Potentially Takes You Back To The Future For A Sequel
Image Source: Activision via Steam

According to Insider Gaming, Call of Duty 2025 will be set a few years after the events of Black Ops 2 and might bring back some fan favorite characters. While it is not confirmed yet on who makes the cut back to the game, it sure would be an epic one to wait for. Following the death of Menendez, there is room for a new antagonist and it will be exciting to see how the series shapes up. The multiplayer game mode will also be a thing to watch with Warzone 3 potentially far away.

While it is set in the future, it could also be a sign that Call of Duty 2025 takes paths different from Black Ops 2 and we will see new maps and locations turn up. Although original ideas suggested remastered maps, there is the possibility that the team at Activision might bring something entirely different.

However, with Modern Warfare 4 not out of the equation, we will have to wait and watch when the game will turn up. Considering the pattern of COD releases, it won’t be a surprise if it is released somewhere between September-November 2025. Since COD is a hit on most platforms, it should ideally release on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation along with a PC version for the game.

That’s everything you need on the Call of Duty 2025. For more News coverage, do check out our dedicated section while you are here at Gamer Tweak.