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Call of Duty 2021 Rumored To Release on PS4 & Xbox One

Call of Duty 2021 could arrive in two different versions in its 2021 iteration, including for PS4 and Xbox One. The tweet of a well-known leaker of the series seems to affirm this.

With the arrival of the new flagship consoles from Sony and Microsoft, the big mystery is how much the “old” versions of their machines will be supported not only by the companies themselves, but also by third parties, who have to produce titles often for both.


A rumor that has been circulating in the last few hours concerns such a case, and concerns one of the best-selling series in the world: Call of Duty, which should receive a new chapter for 2021.

The Call of Duty expected for 2021 could be available both for the now current generation on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S and for the respective older counterparts of PS4 and Xbox One.

However, it does not seem to be the same game running on different consoles, but there seems to be the possibility that these versions may differ in another. To make us participate in this possibility, was the well-known Battlefield and Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson, who through his Twitter profile made it clear.


Although the title has not been officially announced, some rumors in recent weeks have declared that the subtitle of Call of Duty 2021 should be “Vanguard” and that it should bring players back to the WWII series.


Henderson, as mentioned, is not new to leaks regarding Activision’s shooter world, and just during the last few months, he had talked about a possible stand-alone project for Call of Duty with its Zombie mode.

For now, no official communications have arrived from the publisher, so currently we can only wait for updates on this, both on the real name of the game, and specifically on the new and old generation versions of Call of Duty 2021.