New Call Of Duty Confirmed by Activision & Releasing in 2021

Activision has confirmed that it is working on a new Call of Duty, and that its release is scheduled for this year 2021. Unlike usual, no further details have been added to this information. No video has been shown on the matter, nor has anyone been told who is dealing with it, but the company still said it will release more details in the coming months.

For several years, Activision had been operating smoothly the annual alternation between the development teams of Infinity Ward and Treyarch in the realization of COD titles. However, with the addition of the third Sledgehammer Games studio, everything went a bit confusing, especially with the further involvement of Raven Software, which has occasionally contributed together with other studios in the realization of the titles released in recent years.

An example was the realization of the Call of Duty 2020, which should have been made by Sledgehammer Games, but that after some issues with Raven Software, the studio to which it was joined, the title has undergone several changes. In all of this Activision has been cornered by Treyarch, its own studio, to see the release of the new title a year ahead of schedule.

For this reason, the COD in question was modified to be a Black Ops, in which Treyarch worked to create the multiplayer and zombie section, with Raven Software on the other side creating the game campaign instead. Activision managed to meet delivery times, releasing the game in 2020 and, despite the glitches and the pandemic, the game proved to be a success as always.

This chaos that took place between the development teams in the making of the recent Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, has confused the predictions about who will be in charge of the project for COD 2021. Activision, during the earnings call on their official website, confirmed the development of the game but did not release further details.

Currently, it is not even known if the next title will be a new generation exclusive, that is for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, or if there is also a version for old-gen.