Call Of Dragons Hero Tier List (June 2023) – Best Heroes Ranked

By Shubham
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Are you looking for the Call of Dragons hero tier list to choose the best heroes?  With a plethora of unique characters and roles, it can get a tad bit confusing to pick the best. And since you have to manually select your first heroes, it is crucial to select the best ones. Not to worry, we have compiled the best heroes and placed them into different tiers ranging from S tier to C Tier. We have also included the Reroll guide for the players that mistakenly selected their heroes. So, check out our below tier list to find out all the heroes ranked from best to worst.

Call of Dragons Hero Tier List

call of dragons hero tier list

Here’s the Call of Dragons hero tier list ranking the best heroes from best to worst:

Tiers Best Heroes (Characters)
S Tier Liliya
S Tier Hosk
S Tier Emyrys
S Tier Kinnara
S Tier Madeline
S Tier Velyn
S Tier Bakshi
A Tier Alwyn
A Tier Garwood
A Tier Kregg
A Tier Nika
A Tier Theia
A Tier Gwanwyn
A Tier Eliana
B Tier Waldyr
B Tier Atheus
B Tier Alistair
B Tier Bakhar
C Tier Kella
C Tier Indis
C Tier Chakcha
C Tier Ordo
C Tier Pan

From the above tier list, you might have gotten an idea of the most overpowered heroes to pick. Quite obviously, the heroes placed in the S Tier are the strongest characters from the list. Once you get them, you can expect victory on your side. These heroes can be upgraded to their full potential to net you a guaranteed win. But if you couldn’t get any of these characters, you can rely on the heroes from A tier. These characters can be furthermore upgraded to match the sheer strength of S-tier heroes.

Coming to the B-tier characters, these heroes can be used situationally or as support. For example, Waldyr is best suited for the PvP game mode due to his skills and magic. Lastly, heroes in the C-tiers are least recommended. While these characters can be assigned any team role, they offer pretty less unit and map buffs. So, if you got one of these characters in your party, we suggest replacing them with better heroes.

How to Reroll

Unlike other gacha games that rely on RNG, you must manually select and choose the hero in Call of Dragons. Although if you chose a hero with a lower ranking, you can do a reroll. So, here’s how you can reroll in Call of Dragons:

  • Launch the game and log out of your existing account.
  • Then, start fresh with a new account using a different email address.
  • You will lose your game progress if you start with a new game. So, we recommend rerolling only if you are at the start of the game.
  • Once you use a new account, reroll and choose your preferred hero.

That’s everything covered about the Call of Dragons Hero tier list. If you liked this guide, check out our Call of Dragons redeem codes, Tier Lists, and more Mobile related Guides for other games right here on Gamer Tweak.

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