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How To Solve The Cable Puzzle In Biomutant?

Solution to all the 3 cable puzzles in Biomutant.

In Biomutant, the players will come across a bunch of puzzles that will task the players to fix some electrical boxes. On the first look, the puzzle is very confusing with a bunch of cables that are haywire and a couple of X signs. You will only get 15 moves for each of these puzzles which sound pretty difficult. However, if you understand the pattern and mechanics of it, you will find it easier.

Biomutant Cable Puzzle Solution

Check out the solutions to the Cable Puzzles in Biomutant.

1. Puzzle 1

So if you look closely, there are three cables with different lengths attached to 6 of the 9 different ports. These ports are denoted with X, XX, and XXX that can be in negative or positive value. Your goal is to get the number of X that are mentioned below the screen which is 6. Check the below image, this is what the end result should look like for getting ‘XXXXXX’:

Cable Puzzle Biomutant

2. Sludgy Junkstorage Cable Puzzle

For the Sludgy Junkstorage puzzle, the mechanics and the way to solve it are the same. Here, you will have to reach the result to ‘XXYYZZ’. You will not have both negative and positive values, however, just the positive ones. Here is the solution for the Sludgy Junkstorage Cable puzzle:

Sludgy Junkstorage

3. Boat Cable Puzzle

With the same pattern, like the above two, this puzzle will want the players to reach the result of ‘XXYYYZZ’. You will have both positive as well as negative values here. Check out the solution in the below picture for the Boat Cable Puzzle:

Boat Cable Puzzle

So that is for how to solve all the Cable Puzzle in Biomutant. To know how to level up fast in Biomutant and Unlock Max Level, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.