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How To Level Up Fast In Biomutant? (Unlock Max Level)

Biomutant Leveling System relies on XP Farming. Defeat Enemies to earn XP and you will level up fast in Biomutant.

Want to know what’s the Max Level in Biomutant? Also here are tricks on how to level up fast in the game. Biomutant gives an immense amount of exposure to your character and the way it is leveled up. Hence, the more you level up your character, the better experience will you get off your gameplay. To level up your character in Biomutant, you will need to increase your XP.

How to Farm XP fast in Biomutant?

Level Up XP Biomutant

There are really just about four ways to increase your XP in the game and level up:

  • Main Quests
  • Side Quests
  • Killing Enemies
  • Unlocking New Locations

They do seem pretty straightforward and simple, that is because they are. The main quests will be almost an automatic level up since that is how you will progress in the game. They are pretty much mandatory to complete.

As for side quests, there are abundant sidequests in Biomutant for you to complete in order to increase your character XP and level up. So do not miss out on any of these side quests even tho they are not mandatory and can be skipped.

Killing enemies will already be a part of main quests and side quests. Along with that, the open world of Biomutant will spawn random enemies every now and then. You can kill these enemies and gain some XP to level up.

When you are exploring the game and come across a new location, you will see that your character will gain XP as a reward for finding a new location. This however is the least preferable method.

Fastest Way To Farm XP

What you really should do is concentrate on Main Quests in Biomutant to increase your character XP and level up in the game. Leveling up your character in Biomutant will help you unlock new Wung Fu abilities and strengthen up your character. This will also increase various stats of your character. Not only that, these quests, side quests, and enemy killed drop in some major loot and reward you with gears in the game along with giving XP.

So that is all for our article on how to level up fast in Biomutant. If you would like to know about the Mercenary class DLC in the game, make sure you check that article out too.