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Where To Buy Steam Gift Cards From? (Answered)

Confused about gifting a Steam Gift card? Check out our guide on where to buy Steam Gift Cards to find out.

With the Christmas holidays coming closer, there’s a variety of options you can choose to gift gamers. That being said, Steam Gift cards can be a perfect choice to gift a dedicated player. You can either gift them a digital or a physical version of these gift cards to redeem on Steam. But where to buy these gift cards from? Check out our guide on where to buy Steam Gift Cards and which shops sell them to find out.

Where to Buy Steam Gift Cards From

While numerous online outlets sell Steam Gift Cards, we recommend heading to the official website. It is most secure and reliable to buy any Gift cards from the official Steam website. As mentioned earlier, you can purchase a physical or a digital Gift Card. But for the digital or online version, you need to log into Steam. If you don’t have an account, you can create or sign up for a new account.

where to buy steam gift cards

Upon gifting the online Gift cards, you have to select Steam Friend and transfer the gift into their Steam Wallet. Then, the receiver can use the amount in their wallet to buy several items. This includes Games, weapon skins, character skins, software, apps, and many more things.

Which Shops Sell Gift Cards?

Steam wallet cards and gift cards are sold all over the globe. There are several retail stores and online shops that sell these cards. But you need to be careful while purchasing them. We recommend buying these gift cards only from official vendors. So, here are some retailers that sell Steam Gift Cards:

What Are Some Dangers or Scams of Buying Steam Gift Cards

Several online websites claim to sell these gift cards at a relatively cheaper price. But in reality, these are usually fraudulent vendors that disguise themselves as official vendors. Several instances also involve fraud retailers scamming people into giving the codes via phone. This can be a potential scam as well. Furthermore, also make sure to check the activation receipt and gift card number while buying.

That’s everything covered about where to buy Steam Gift Cards from. If you liked this guide, check out our more Video Gaming Guides on our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.