Dwarf Fortress: How To Bury Dead

Looking for a final goodbye? Check out our guide on how to bury the dead in Dwarf Fortress.

Dwarf Fortress is an indie rogue-like simulation video game by Bay 12 Games. The game revolves around building a prosperous Mountainhome with the help of hard-working Dwarves. That being said, you will lose several of these laborious dwarves as you progress. For the last goodbyes, you can set up a proper burial site to memorialize the dead. But how to bury the dead in Dwarf Fortress? Check out our guide to find out.

How to Bury the Dead in Dwarf Fortress

There are some prerequisites and requirements to bury your dead. As you cannot simply bury them in the ground, you must build a Casket from Carpenter’s Workshop. Alternatively, you can also build a Coffin or Sarcophagus from Stoneworker’s Workshop and Mealsmith’s Forge.

Follow the below steps to bury the dead in Dwarf Fortress:

  • Firstly, you need to assign a Tomb Zone around your preferred choice of location.
  • Quite the obvious, place it somewhere away from the hustle of your main activities in Mountainhome.
  • For the players confused about building a Casket, you can find the Burial section in the Furniture section under the Building Tab.
  • Then, you need to place the Casket, Coffin, or Sarcophagus in the Tomb Zone.

Every Tomb has the space to allocate or place only one Burial Box in the Tomb. So, make note that you can only place one Burial Box in the Tomb.

How to Memorialize the Dead

  • Along with the Dwarves, you can also bury the Pets in Dwarves Fortress. You can assign the Burial sites for the dead by hitting the Zone.
  • Hit the Dwarf icon with a plus sign to assign the deceased Dwarves.
  • Alternatively, you can hit the option below to assign the burials to dead pets.
  • As you hit any of these options, it will open a section of all the deceased Dwarves or Pets until now.

how to bury dead dwarf fortress

  • You need to click on a Dwarf or Pet to assign them the burial box or the site. The Burial sites can also be assigned to the Nobles.
  • You can assign different tombs for the Dwarves and Pets that would be buried as soon as they are deceased.
  • For that, you can hit the Dwarves or Pet option to automatically bury the dead. Once they are dead, the Dwares or Pets would be buried in the Tombs automatically.
  • They will be buried in the Tombs that are unassigned for any Dwarves or Pets.

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