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World Of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic: How To Reach Silvermoon City?

Silvrmoon is the best place to interact with the blood elves. Let's see how to reach Silvermoon City through in WoW Burning Crusade Classic.

Burning Crusade Classic has added a lot to the already vast world of burning crusade. While many new locations have been added Silvermoon city is one of the older city’s which veterans of the game would remember. Silvermoon city is one of the go to places if you are looking for blood elves. Let’s see how to reach Silvermoon city in World of Warcraft TBC classic.

How To Reach Silvermoon City In World Of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic?


Burning crusade classic silvermoon city
There are multiple routes players can take to reach Silvermoon city. One of these is through the Undercity where players will have to enter into the Ruins of Lordaeron, it can be found before the main building. Turn right and climb some stairs, you will see a big orb at the end of the room. Interact with it and you will be teleported to Silvermoon city.

Another way to reach Silvermoon city is through Ghostlands. You will have to take the route between Stratholme and Zul’Mashar. This route will make you go through a 54-59 zone, which isn’t recommended if you are beginner or a low rank player. This also makes the route through Undercity more preferable. The route through Ghostlands can be taken by Horde and Alliance players which making it a bit more desirable.

Players can also ask Mage players to open a portal which you can use to get to Silvermoon city. This can only be done by players who can open portals, which makes it a rare option. Shattrath city also has a portal which can be used to get to Silvermoon city. Scout through city well as this is one of the easier ways.


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