How To Get To Burning Cliffs In God Of War Ragnarok

Here's a quick guide on how to get to Burning Cliffs in GOW Ragnarok.

Ragnarok builds on the themes and tone of the previous entry with great success. The realm of Midgard introduced to us in the first game is expanded upon in style, where players can now visit nine realms as compared to three in the previous game. One such area that seems to allude to players is Muspelheim and its region of Burning Cliffs. Here’s a quick guide on how to get to Burning Cliffs in God of War Ragnarok.

How to get to Burning Cliffs in God of War Ragnarok

burning cliffs gow ragnarok
You will need to play through the main story to first unlock the realm of Muspelheim. You will visit this location with Atreus in the quest “Into The Fire” which is part of the 8th chapter. Complete the mission and you can revisit this location as Kratos by using the Mystic Gateway.

Like in all regions of the games, there are a few collectibles that you can acquire in Burning Cliffs:

  • Nornir Chest – From the Mystic Gateway turn right towards the falling lava and walk on the ledge. Follow the path down to the stone that blocks your path on the right and break it with your spear. The chest should be at the end of this path and now just complete the puzzle to unlock what’s inside.
  • Legendary Chest – Make your way down the cliff once you leave the Mystic gateway and turn right towards the cave. The chest will have a Muspelheim Seed or Divine ashes if you already have 2 seeds.
  • Odin’s Raven – Move to the right of the Legendary chest to find the raven perched on a stone surrounded by lava. Throw your axe at it to dismiss.

Visit this location after you finish the game to unlock the Remnats of Asgard Chest and Lore Rune for Valhalla Rises.

That’s all that the Burning Cliffs in God Of War Ragnarok have to offer. Check out our guides on How to find Frostfinger and other God of War Ragnarok guides here on Gamer Tweak.