COD MW2 Bunny Hop: How To Perform This Move (2023)

Looking for higher ground? Check out our guide on how to Bunny Hop in Modern Warfare 2.

With the launch of season 1 of COD Modern Warfare 2, there’s a plethora of gameplay mechanics you can use for tactics. From Dolphin Dive to G-Walk, most of these movements offer you a situational advantage against your enemies. Bunny Hop is one of these tactics that has been a staple in most FPS games. Its unpredictability can surprise your opponents and allow you more speed. But how to perform this move? Check out our guide on how to Bunny Hop in MW2 to find out.

How to Bunny Hop in Modern Warfare 2

Before you Bunny Hop in MW2, you need to enable the Automatic Tactical Sprint option in your settings. You can find this setting option under Gameplay settings. Toggle the Automatic Sprint option to enable the Automatic Tactical Sprint.

how to bunny hop mw2

Then, follow the below steps to perform Bunny Hop in MW2:

  • Firstly, move in a forward direction. If you are trying it for the first time, we suggest do not try it out in front of your enemies.
  • As you gain momentum, start jumping continuously without any delays

You can notice that your second jump is higher than your first jump. You can use this handy movement to gain speed than usual jumping or running. Furthermore, you can also use Bunny Hop to avoid or evade attacks from your opponents. Or to simply surprise ambush your enemies.

Is Bunny Hopping Nerfed Down?

The answer to that question is Yes. While Bunny Hop allowed players to jump higher during the Beta phase, the movement is nerfed down ever since its launch. There are several threads on Twitter and  Reddit suggesting the nerf. Along with Bunny Hop, Slide Cancelling was also nerfed down. Nevertheless, you can still use these movements to gain an edge over your opponents.

But Bunny Hopping is more of a situational tactic rather than other movements in MW2. So, make sure you have practiced it well enough before using it against enemies.

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