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COD MW2: How To Quick Swap To Pistol

Close-quarters crisis calls for a quickdraw! Check out our guide on how to quickdraw or quick-swap to Pistol in Modern Warfare 2.

COD Modern Warfare 2 features a plethora of unique gameplay mechanics. You might have seen COD players quickly drawing their secondary Pistol gun while holding their Primary weapon in their other hand. With this quick swap, you can have an edge over your enemies during close-range combat. It is a crucial tactic that can help you in stressful scenarios. But how to quickdraw or quick swap to Pistol in MW2? Check out our guide to find out.


How to Quickdraw or Quick Swap to Pistol in Modern Warfare 2

You can quick-swap to your secondary Pistol by using a specific Rear Grip attachment in MW2. As you select the Rear Grips, look for the Pistol Fast Draw in the Pros of that Pistol. This varies for different types of Pistols in Modern Warfare 2.

mw2 quickdraw quickswap to pistol

  • You can unlock the BREUN RSH-80 rear grip for P890. For that, you need to level up the P890 to lvl 23.
  • If you are looking for Quickdraw in X13 or X12 Auto Pistol, you need to get your hands on the Cronen Lima-6.
  • You can unlock the Cronen Lima-6 attachment by leveling up the X13 Auto to level 8.
  • While for the .50 GS, you need to unlock the GS .50 Wood Grain Rear grip. You can unlock this rear grip attachment by leveling up the .50 GS to level 21.
  • Once you have equipped the corresponding rear grip, simply switch to the Secondary weapon like you normally would to Quickdraw. As you Quick swap to Pistol, you will be holding a primary weapon in the other hand.

You can use Quickdraw as a tactic to eliminate your opponents faster and more efficiently. This can help you in long-ranged as well as close-ranged combat. So, you might need to get to grinding to unlock these rare rear grip attachments in Modern Warfare 2.


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