What Does Bulwark Do In Remnant 2? (Explained)

Keen to know about the term Bulwark in Remnant 2? Here's what does it mean and what does it do.

Have you stumbled across the term Bulwark in Remnant 2 as well? While this game does a great job of narrating stories and explaining stuff, there are some things that you must figure out on your own. Bulwark is one such term that may confuse you at first glance. In general, Bulwark means a defensive wall. So, it is for sure that this term has something to do with your character’s defensive stats. But exactly what? Take a look below to know more about it.

What is Bulwark in Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, the Bulwark is a buff that reduces the damage taken by your character. So those who have this stat buff have decent chances of surviving longer on the battlefield. Having blessed with Bulwark will make your character go Tank mode while battling tougher foes. The base Bulwark buff is stackable and provides a 5% damage reduction.

What is Bulwark in Remnant 2?

Now that you know how the Bulwark stat buff works, here’s how you can get it

How to Get Bulwark Effect in Remnant 2

There are two ways through which a player can benefit from the Bulwark effect. The first method includes selecting the Challenger Archetype, while the second one includes equipping perks or items. If you have selected the Challenger class, then you’ll receive the Bulwark buff by unlocking the Juggernaut Skill at Level 5.

The Juggernaut Skill grants your character 3 stacks of Bulwark. Besides this, here’s what Perks and Items will get you Bulwark in Remnant 2:

  • The Face of Danger (Challenger Relic Perk)
    • Using a Relic within 10m of an enemy grants 2 stacks of Bulwark for 10s.
  • Blessed Ring
    • After receiving a benefit from a Relic, gain 2 Stacks of Bulwark for 15s.
  • Fae Bruiser Ring
    • Dealing Melee damage grants 2 Stack of Bulwark for 7s. Does not stack with itself.
  • Guardian’s Ring
    • Adds 1 Stack of Bulwark when within 7m of an enemy. Increases to 2 Stacks for 10s after taking Melee damage.
  • Hardcore Metal Band
    • Taking damage adds 1 stack of Bulwark which individually falls of after 10s. Max 5 stacks.
  • Mechanic’s Cog
    • While carrying an Engineer Heavy Weapon, gain 15% Movement Speed and 1 id 1st Bulwark
  • Rusted Heirloom
    • Grants 2 Stacks of Bulwark below 50% Max HP.
  • Soul Guard
    • Gain a stack of Bulwark for each active Summon.

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