How To Get High Score In Bullseye Balloons – Genshin Impact Windblume Festival

Here's how to clear and win the Bullseye Balloons minigame in Genshin Impact's Windblume Festival.

Bullseye Balloons is a challenge or minigame in Windblume Festival in Genshin Impact that players can take part in to earn rewards. This one is all about archery where you have to burst balloons and get those points. To start Bullseye Balloons, you have to interact with the notice board present at the location where you will be shown the rules of this challenge. Here’s how to complete and win Bullseye Balloons in Genshin Impact easily.

How to Complete Bullseye Balloons in Windblume Festival

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Note that there are four types of balloons which give various amounts of points when you hit them. The Tower Waltz is also a time-based event.

  • Bloom Balloon – When you hit this, you will get a “certain amount” of points.
  • Bouquet Balloon – Upon hitting, you get a “large amount” of points.
  • Celebration Balloon – This balloon will explode when you hit it and destroy balloons in an AoE.
  • Heartbreak Balloon – This one will deduct a “certain amount” of points when you hit it.

You will also see the scores of other characters that you have to beat to get more rewards. Once you are ready, select the Go to Challenge button present at the bottom right section of the screen.

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Tips to get a High Score

Wondering how to win the Bullseye Balloons challenge/mini-game? Follow these tricks to show off your archery skills (Normal and Charged attacks):

  • Use a ranged character (like Ganyu, Amber or Diona) to quickly hit balloons with quick shots to earn points.
  • Your goal is to get more of Bouquet balloons because you don’t want to miss out on the large amount of points.
  • Keep in mind that the balloons will disappear after some time, so you have to keep moving.
  • Those balloons that glow will soon de-spawn.
  • The main thing to remember is to build a combo of 5 or above and then go for the Bouquet Balloons.
  • You can build a combo by shooting and popping balloons quickly.
  • Avoid popping the Heartbreak balloons in a rush. These dangerous balloons are red in color.
  • Next, focus on the Celebration Balloons which may be near a group of balloons.
  • When trying to hit the moving balloons, pre-aim in the direction they are moving in otherwise you will miss.

That’s everything about how to complete and get a high score in Bullseye Balloons in Genshin Impact’s Windblume Festival. We’ve got more guides that will help you clear other challenges/minigames like Floral Freefall and Ballads of Breeze. Learn more about other new additions like Hangout events and how to earn Story Keys in our Genshin Impact guides.