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Fortnite Building Tips & Techniques For Beginners (2023)

Are you new to building structures? Check out our beginner's guide for tips and techniques for building in Fortnite.

With consistent updates, Fortnite features a plethora of new skins, weapons, emotes, and more. But building different structures during Battle Royale remains the most tricky gameplay mechanic out of all. You have to deal with other opponents as you build different structures with materials. It can be slightly complex for the new players because it involves building while having ongoing combat. Not to worry, we have compiled some tips and techniques that might come in handy while building. So, check out our beginner’s guide for building tips and techniques in Fortnite.


Best Fortnite Building Tips & Techniques (Beginner’s Guide)

Here are some techniques, tips, and tricks to help you out with Building in Fortnite:


Before starting with any building process, we suggest stocking up the materials in excess. These include farming for wood, stone, and metal. If you are looking for building quicker, we suggest farming plenty of wood. While wood structures have low health and are easier to break, they build the fastest. So, you will be able to build ramps, floors, roofs, and walls in no time.

Crosshair Placement

During building different structures, it is important to place your crosshair right. Your building structures like roofs, walls, or floors are built depending on where you are looking. For example, Cones are the farthest build-out of all. You can use this to your advantage to lure in your opponents. Once you get the hook of all the building structures, you will be able to build swiftly and quickly. So, it is quite important to know the crosshair placements before building any structures.



Highwall is a strategy to place and build walls way above you to trick your opponents. For this, you need to keep on building walls above the ramps. This can be pretty useful while having a build fight with your opponent. You can also improvise and add floors beneath your ramp to add to the confusion. Building high walls can also help you defend against aggressive opponents. While building these Highwalls, you can also leave some space to peek and eliminate your opponents.


While initially, building cones may seem a bit trivial, it can be pretty useful during combat. With a higher ground, you can throw down cones to reposition and control your adversaries. If you use it smartly, it can also be used to stop rushing enemies. When you are on lower ground, you can use Cones to block the vision of the opponents above you. The strategy to build highwalls with the cones on top is a popular strategy called Thwifo Cones which is used by several Fortnite veterans. But this technique or skill might take some time as it requires practicing.

fortnite building tips
Image Source – MaxGamer7 on YouTube.

Focus on Healing

If you are in heated combat, expect your opponents to shed no mercy. During such scenarios, you can build a turtle shell of protection. This shell structure will protect you as soon as you are crouched down. You can also look at or build a structure for a cover-up. But the chances of getting killed inside a turtle shell are pretty much lower than searching or building a cover. So, we suggest building yourself a turtle shell to heal and recover yourself.

Improvising the Build Edits

As you keep on building ramps, we recommend improvising to confuse your opponents. If you’re in the middle of combat, no fixed technique or strategy can get you through. You have to be extremely fast in building these structures. Depending on different combat scenarios, you can build half-ramps to lure out your opponents. What matters is thinking intuitively and keep on editing your structures. For example, you can build Highwalls or box up your opponents by predicting where will they rush. Having said that, there’s also a difference between improvisation and Panic building. The latter can get you in trouble as your opponents would have an upper hand.

fortnite building tips
Image Source – Billy Bicep on YouTube.

Practice in Creative Mode

Lastly, building like a Pro can take you some time even with help. You can head over to Creative Mode to practice different building tactics or techniques in Fortnite. This safe space will allow you to build structures or practice techniques like triple edits, boxing, or tunneling without any pressure. While practicing these techniques can be riskier during combat, this mode will allow you to get accustomed to them.

We would also suggest customizing different controller settings for building purposes. For that, check out our guide on the best controller settings for Combat and Building for more insight.

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