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How To Build A Silo In Dinkum

Check out this guide to know about a Silo and how to build it in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a life-simulation farming game based on the theme of wild Australian islands. This game involves activities based on the farm including poultry farming and hunting. It is possible to build structures and place them in this game. Animals in this game require proper shelter and petting to grow. Moreover, they need to be fed from time to time. In Dinkum, the food is stored in a Silo through which the animals eat. Here’s our guide that features steps to build a Silo in Dinkum.

How to Build a Silo in Dinkum
How to build a Silo in Dinkum

Crafting a tool in Dinkum requires its special recipe. These recipes are mostly obtained from licenses or by completing the island’s residents’ requests. Furthermore, a Silo is capable enough to store an animal’s full-day meal. Without further ado, here’s how to build a Silo in Dinkum:

  1. Certain activities in this game require some specific licenses. However, in order to unlock a Silo for crafting, you would require a Farming License and a Handling License.
  2. Go to Fletch and purchase a Farming License for 250 Permit Points. A Farming License further unlocks a Handling License.  Now, upgrade the Handling License to level 3 for 3000 PP.
  3. Acquiring a level 3 Handling License will automatically unlock a Silo.
  4. Building a Silo requires 10 Cement Bags, 5 Iron Bars, 8 Quartz Crystals, 25 Stones, and 15 Tin Sheets.
  5. To get a bag of cement, play a stone inside a Stone Grinder. Check out this guide to know about it in detail. Whereas, to get an Iron Bar, an Iron Ore needs to be processed inside a Furnace. A furnace is available for purchase at John’s Goods for 30,000 Dinks.
  6. A Quartz Crystal is available in the desert biome. Grab a pickaxe and head towards the desert to collect some Quartz Crystals. Collecting stones is not a big deal as they are available in abundance on the island. Tin Sheets can be obtained by processing Tin ore. Know more in detail about this process in this guide.
  7. Now that all the items are collected, head over to Fletch and craft a Silo using a Crafting Table.

That’s all you should know about a Silo and how to build it in Dinkum. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Dinkum guides on the website.