How To Build And Use Sphere Assembly Line In Palworld

Sphere Assembly Line will help you build Pal Spheres in Palworld. Here’s a guide that will help you build the production factory.

Sphere Factory II is one of those production factories that will help you craft Pal Spheres at a faster rate. While it will require a lot of progress and exploration of the open world, players will find the process of catching Pals easier. Since building the Palworld Sphere Assembly Line might be confusing, players will naturally find it tough to craft.

However, once you unlock the recipe from the Technology tab with three Technology points, you will be able to craft it. Along with that, assign a Pal with the Handiwork Work Suitability to the Sphere Assembly Line, and you will have easy access to all types of Spheres. You will of course need the necessary materials for those.

How to Build Palworld Sphere Assembly Line

Palworld Sphere Assembly Line can Craft All Pal Spheres
Unlock Palworld Sphere Assembly to craft Pal Spheres faster. (Image via OnGame MultiGaming)

To build the Palworld Sphere Assembly Line or Sphere Factory II, you will first need to reach Player Level 27. After that, you can spend 3 Technology Points in the Technology tab to unlock it and then build it from the Pal tab inside the Build Menu. Simply select it and then place it at the location you want to set it up. You will need the following materials to build it:

  • 30x Paldium Fragment
  • 50x Wood
  • 100x Ingot
  • 20x Nail

How to Use Palworld Sphere Assembly Line

Set Up Palworld Sphere Factory II and Craft Pal Spheres Easily
Palworld Sphere Factory II needs Power Generator source nearby. (Image via OnGame MultiGaming)

Building is the easy part but running the Palworld Sphere Assembly Line or Sphere Factory II won’t be as easy as it sounds. Players will need to build a Power Generator to provide electricity to it. Make sure you set it close to the factory line and then have an Electric Type Pal to charge the Generator. You can now build all Pal Spheres after assigning a Pal with Handiwork Work Suitability.

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