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How To Make A Boat In Minecraft

In This Guide, we will show you how to build a boat in Minecraft.

Minecraft gives players the option of crafting a boat to travel via water bodies. The recipe for a boat is among the easiest ones available in this game. While there exists no specific upgrade per type of boat, each one travels at a speed dependent on the block. In this guide, we will outline the recipe to craft a boat. So follow the steps mentioned below and get your Minecraft voyage set to sail!

How to Build a Boat in Minecraft?

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The recipe for building a boat though simple, still needs to follow instructions. The steps below will act as an easy guide for you. There are 2 arrangements that you can choose for crafting your boat, we’ve made a mention of both below:

  • Open up your crafting table.
  • This 3X3 grid will need to accommodate 5 pieces of plank wood.
  • You can get wood pieces from logs that you will need to chop, and these will become planks once you drag them to your inventory
  • You don’t need specific planks- Oak, Dark Oak, Acacia, Spruce, Jungle, Birch all will craft your boat with their name resulting in the corresponding shades.
  • Carefully place 2 planks at either side of the first and third square in the top row and leave the middle square empty.
  • Subsequently, place 3 planks in the middle row.
  • Leave the final row empty.
  • You can do this the other way as well, as long as you form a “U” spanning 2 rows in a 3X3.
  • Remember, an inverse arrangement won’t fetch you a boat!
  • Your boat is now ready.
  • Drag your boat to the inventory to use it.
  • When you reach a water-body, get your boat out and hold the use button to mount and use it.

That’s about it! As we told you, it’s really simple to craft a boat in Minecraft – building it won’t take you any effort and it’s pretty useful in-game as well. If you liked this guide and it helped you be sure to check out our other cool guides, tips & tricks, and informative reads relevant to the Minecraft universe!