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Minecraft – How To Get Brown Mushrooms

Check out our guide on how to get the brown mushrooms in Minecraft.

Minecraft is all about gathering and collecting different items to create worlds. As you collect items to brew several food recipes, you need to find them first. Brown mushrooms are one of the items that can be added as crafting items in most food recipes. It can also be used as blocks to decorate your houses. So, here’s our guide on how to get Brown mushrooms in Minecraft.

How to Get Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft?


  • You can find the Brown mushrooms in dark and tight places. Once it is dark, you can find them close to sugarcane or mines with ease.
  • You can also find Brown Mushrooms in caves or under the trees.
minecraft how to get brown mushrooms
Image Source – Stingray Productions on YouTube.
  • In addition to that, you can get the brown mushrooms from the top of the Fallen trees that is exclusive only to some versions.
  • One of the other ways to get the Brown mushrooms is through the Giant Mushrooms. You need to break the blocks of Giant mushrooms to get them.
  • You can also get them by breaking a Brown Mooshroom. It is a passive mob and hybrid cross of a mushroom with a cow. But these Mooshroom mobs only spawn on the Mushroom Island Biome. They are one of the rarest mobs to encounter.
  • A brown moshroom can spawn only after lightning hits a Red Mooshroom.
  • Once you hit the brown moshroom, it will split into a cow and drop red or brown mushrooms.


What are Brown Mushrooms used for?

You can use Brown mushrooms in several food recipes. They are as follows:


You can also add these mushrooms to the flower pots as a decoration around your world.

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