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Apex Legends Bronze Lobby Glitch Explained

Diamond and other higher-ranked players entering the bronze lobbies or is it the other way around? Find out what all the commotion is about.

A lot of high-ranked players that are ranked Diamond, Master, or Apex Predator are using something knows as a Bronze lobby glitch to enter the lower-ranked lobbies. But the same glitch could be used by Bronze players to enter high-ranked lobbies. Which is the actual exploit and does it even work anymore? Find out here.

What is the Bronze Lobby Glitch in Apex Legends?

bronze lobby glitch
Image credit: u/Shubzet on Reddit
lobby glitch apex legends
Image credit: u/Shubzet on Reddit

There are two glitches actually. High-ranked players entering bronze lobbies and Bronze players entering high ranked lobbies. Let us cover both the glitches.

If you are a high-ranked player and you want to enter the Bronze lobby, here’s what you do.

  1. Have a friend from Bronze invite you to their party and ready up.
  2. The moment you join their party you have to start spamming the ready and cancel button.
  3. This isn’t that much of a step as the previous two but once the game loads you should be in the match with the bronze players.

If you are a Bronze player and you want to enter the high-ranked lobby, here’s what you do.

Have a friend from the high rank that is Diamond or above invite you to their party and ready up. The other steps are the same as the ones high-ranked players use to enter the Bronze lobby. Various Youtube channels have covered both these glitches.

Does this glitch work anymore?

The last time this glitch worked was in season 9 and around 2086 players got banned as covered by Conor Ford in the following tweet. High-rank players used it to join Bronze lobbies. As of now, there are no updates on whether this glitch works for season 10 or if it doesn’t. I would highly recommend you to not use this exploit as there is a high chance of you getting banned, assuming that it still works. Also, it ruins the experience for other players.

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