How To Breed Quibble In My Singing Monsters

There is only one combination to breed Quibble in MSM, and we will tell you how to do it.

Quibble in My Singing Monsters is a bird duo double-element monster, and players are looking for ways to breed it. This monster plays the grand piano with the same bass notes as the Thumpies. Unlike seasonal monsters, you can breed this monster at any time. Then, you can place it on an island to join the harmony and increase your coin production to unlock new islands.

My Singing Monsters: How To Breed Quibble

Breeding Quibble in MSM
Image Source: YTGamingHD on YouTube

Quibble is first unlocked on Cold Island in My Singing Monsters. To breed Quibble, players must combine Tweedle and Toe Jammer. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to breed this monster:

  1. Click on the Breeding Structure to open the Breeding Menu.
  2. Select Tweedle and Toe Jammer and click on the Breed button.
  3. Now, wait for eight hours for the process to complete. You can speed up the breeding process to six hours with the help of Diamonds.
  4. Make sure you perform this process on the following islands: Cold, Air, Water, Oasis, Shugabush, Tribal, Colossingum, Composer, and Gold.

Once you get the Quibble in MSM, you can place it on an island near the things it likes. In this game, every monster has certain monsters or decorations that they like. If you place them next to these things, their coin production will increase by 25%. However, placing the same item again will not increase it more. Alternatively, if there’s a Unity Tree on the island, then you don’t have to place the monsters near its likes. That being said, here are the monsters and decorations that Quibble likes:

  • Mammott (Requires level 2)
  • Scups (Requires level 7)
  • Fossil-osaurus (Requires level 17)
  • Trumplite (Requires level 11)
  • Castanevine (Requires level 18)

Quibble doesn’t have a high coin production, so make sure you place it near the things it likes to increase it.

This is how you can breed Quibble in My Singing Monsters. While you’re here, check out how to breed other monsters like Ffidyll and Maw.