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What Is Break Mechanic & How To Use It In Fire Emblem Engage (FE Engage)

This guide explains what Break Mechanic is and how to use it in Fire Emblem Engage.

The Break Mechanic is the latest addition to the combat of Fire Emblem Engage. In this 17th installment of the FE series, you’ll travel across the continent of Elyos. On this journey, you will meet new allies as well as enemies. So it’s crucial to know your way around the combat mechanics before the game releases on January 20th, 2023. This guide will tell you everything you should know about the Break system.


What is Break Mechanic in Fire Emblem Engage

Inflict Break Damage status effect with Weapon Advantage

The Break mechanic can inflict a Break status effect on an opponent, rendering them unable to perform a counterattack. This can turn the tide of the battle in your favor since this is a tactical turn-based game. So breaking the opponent will stop them from attacking back until the next turn. The addition of this mechanic by Intelligent Systems brings a certain depth to the combat, prioritizing the selection of weapons before entering a fight.

How to Break an Opponent

If you played the previous installments of this game, then you must be familiar with the game’s combat system. The Weapon Triangle mechanic is back to being a major part of the fights. In this rock-paper-scissor-like system, there are three major weapons Axe, Lance, and Sword and they function as follows:

  • Axes beat Lances
  • Lances beat Swords
  • Swords beat Axes

To break an opponent, you must attack with a weapon advantage over your enemy unit’s weapon. You can see your foe’s weapon indicated by an icon over their head on the battlefield. So if your enemy is holding a Sword, then a Lance has the best chance to break them. Although, this status effect is not guaranteed and it can depend on factors like your unit’s level. Moreover, if you enter a fight with a weapon disadvantage, then even you can be a victim of this status effect.

That’s everything to know about the Break Mechanic in Fire Emblem Engage. For more helpful guides like All Classes you can use, make sure you check out our FE Engage section.