How To Get The Secret Ending In Break In 2 (2023)

Wondering how to get the Secret Ending in Break in 2? Check out our guide to know everything about getting this final ending and three badges.

If you want to get the Secret Ending in Break in 2, you might have been waiting for this final ending ever since the developers announced it. Luckily, this new ending has been added in the Roblox game’s most recent update. While getting this ending can be a bit hassle, it rewards you with a Secret Ending Badge along with earning plenty of loot. But how do you unlock this secret ending? Check out our guide to find out everything about getting a hidden ending in this Roblox game.

How to Get the Break in 2 Secret Ending

How to Get Break In 2 Secret Ending

There are some prerequisites to get the Secret ending in Break in 2. You must get all three items of Scary Larry in-game to trigger the Secret Ending. These items are as follows:

  • Crowbar
  • Mask
  • Hat

So, here’s where you can earn all three Scary Larry’s items to earn the Secret Ending badge in Break in 2:


How to Get Secret Ending Break In 2
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  • You can find the Crowbar located in a tree beside Twado’s Dog house.
  • But before heading there, ensure that you have gained level 3 Strength and equipped a weapon to cut down the tree.
  • After that tree is chopped down, it will lead you to another secret area where you can find the other two items of Scary Larry.


  • You can obtain the Hat from Annoying Kid by giving him a slice of Pizza and a Gold Pizza. You can find the kid located close to the secret area you entered from.
  • As you give him a slice from outside, he will ask you for a Golden Pizza.
  • For that, you must beat the Pizza Boss located in the Kitchen.
  • Note that you need at least level 4 Strength to beat the Pizza Boss.
  • Once you beat him, you can grab the Gold Pizza over the dining table outside the Kitchen.
  • As you give the slice to the kid, he will apologize and change his ways. You will get a “Reformed badge” for getting the Hat without any violence
  • Alternatively, you can also hit the Kid to get the Hat. But as a result, you won’t get the Reformed Badge.


Get Break In 2 Secret Ending

Lastly, you can get Scary Larry’s mask at the end of the quicksand tornado in Break in 2. This area is located opposite to the Annoying Kid. We recommend walking cautiously and slowly to avoid the tornado.

  • You will unlock the secret ending once you have obtained all the above three items.
  • Now, defeat Scary Mary to complete this Ending along with a Secret Ending badge.
  • You can also get the “Avoid Humiliation badge” if you don’t get laughed at by the Mary Scary boss.
  • To do so, ensure that you level up your speed and strength stats to level 4.

That’s all about how to get the Secret Ending in Break in 2. If you found this guide helpful and enjoyed reading it, explore more Roblox Guides in our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.