Pikmin 4: How To Thaw (Break) Ice In Subzero Sauna Sublevel 2

Here's a guide that will help you thaw the ice in Subzero Sauna Sublevel 2 of Pikmin 4.

While Subzero Sauna is filled with some useful treasures, Pikmin 4 players will have to thaw the Ice in Sublevel 2 if they are to break into Sublevel 3. As you move towards the end of Sublevel 2, two ice pieces will be adding the cold effects and players need to destroy those if they want to complete exploring the sublevel and head to the next. While it is quite simple, players might be confused since there is no clear instructions from the game.

How to Thaw Ice in Subzero Sauna Sublevel 2 of Pikmin 4

Break Ice in Subzero Sauna Sublevel 2 in Pikmin 4

Since you are looking to thaw the ice and remove the cold effect, you will have to use Ice Pikmin. Ice Pikmins are the best if you want to break the ice on the Subzero Sauna Sublevel 2 of Pikmin 4. The two main ice pieces are located at the north and south corners of the second sublevel and players will be able to find them easily. Once they do, throw the Ice Pikmins and they will complete the rest of the job quickly.

As players move ahead in Subzero Sauna, they will indeed meet bosses and other locations where they will find the cold effect. Once you realize that this is the case, look for the ice pieces in that location and throw your Ice Pikmins on them. Additionally, players can get the Contemplation Station in Sublevel 3 so clearing the second sublevel is quite important while you are here. Make sure to collect the Memory Fragment and the True Goo while you are still on Sublevel 2.

That’s all we have on how to Thaw and break the ice in Subzero Sauna Sublevel 2 of Pikmin 4. While you are here, make sure you check out our Pikmin 4 dedicated section for more such guides right here at Gamer Tweak.