How To Change Your Appearance In Boyfriend Dungeon

If you are looking for a character makeover in Boyfriend Dungeon but do not know how to do so, read this guide to learn exactly how you can alter your avatar.

If you play Boyfriend Dungeon, you may have come across the vast choices of customization that are available in the game. You can use these customizations to add some character and personality to your character. In this article, we will show you how you can change your appearances in the game.

How to Alter Your Appearance in Boyfriend Dungeon?

change character appearance boyfriend dungeon

To change your appearance in Boyfriend Dungeon, keep reading the steps below:

You can begin to change the appearance of your character in Boyfriend Dungeon by first moving the analog stick towards the mirror. Doing so will give you the option to alter your appearance.

Shopping to Change Your Appearance in Boyfriend Dungeon

One of the easiest ways you can get new outfits to change your appearance is by shopping. You can do so by visiting one of the many shops in the game. You will find shops like Championne Athleisure in the main town. Here, you will get Camo Jackets and Cardigan Combos at good prices. If you have a bigger budget, you will also be able to find more premium products. Interacting with a vending machine will also help you gain access to a secret entrance.


If you go on dates with your weapons, you will receive gifts occasionally. You can get gifts like headphones and designer sunglasses, so remember to keep going out on dates so that you can get prizes that will help you change your appearance.

By Crafting

Crafting is another great way you can get items that will help you change your appearance in Boyfriend Dungeon. You can collect items from treasure boxes and broken crates as well as enemies that you have defeated. You will also find recipes with which you can get new clothes and other accessories.

Once you complete a dungeon dive, you can go to your crafting table that will be located right in the center of the room. On this table, you will find a list with materials on it. For example, if you want to make Designer buds, you will have to craft eight threads of metal and two liquids.

To craft these materials, you will need to combine all of them and then click on the ‘Craft’ button. This button will be highlighted with a hammer icon.

These are some of the ways you can change the appearance of your character in Boyfriend Dungeon. As you can see, altering your look can be really fun and easy.

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