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Boyfriend Dungeon Characters Guide Wiki – Likes, Dislikes & Voice Actors Of Every Dateable Weapon

Here's all about every dateable weapon/character in Boyfriend Dungeon. Know their likes, dislikes and voice actors too.

With this Boyfriend Dungeon Characters guide wiki, players who are just getting started with the game can get some more information about the weapons you can date. As you may already know, this game is an interesting and unique twist to the dungeon crawling-dating sim genre which is gaining attention worldwide. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all the characters in Boyfriend Dungeon as well as their likes, dislikes and voice actors cast.

Boyfriend Dungeon All Characters: Likes & Dislikes Guide


Keep reading to know about each weapon character and everything that they like or dislike. With this info, you can build friendships and improve your relationships with them.

Isaac (Estoc)isaac estoc boyfriend dungeon

  • Financier
  • Male
  • Voice Actor: Justice Washington
  • Isaac loves philosophy, meditation and haute cuisine. But he dislikes selfishness and greed.


Sawyer (Glaive)

sawyer glaive

  • Student
  • Non-Binary
  • Voice Actor: Anjali Kunapaneni
  • Sawyer is a fan of poetry, video games and likes social justice. They dislike snobs and pressure.


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Pocket (Brass Knuckles)

pocket brass knuckles


  • Sunbather
  • Male
  • Voice Actor: Edith Cardinal
  • Pocket likes sunbeams, fish and boxes and hates other cats and unrequited affection.

Rowan (Scythe)

rowan scythe

  • Mystic
  • Non-Binary
  • Voice Actor: Catty Donnelly
  • Rowan likes wild plants, being alone and well, animal bones. They avoid crows and social media.

Seven (Lasersaber)

seven lasersaber

  • K-pop Idol
  • Male
  • Voice Actor: Brian Long
  • Seven is a kpop star who loves to chill, play his guitar and watch horror films. He doesn’t like fan clubs and shallowness.

Sundar (Talwar)

sundar talwar boyfriend dungeon

  • Club Owner
  • Male
  • Voice Actor: SungWon Cho
  • Sundar is a club owner who is into clubbing (unsurprisingly), night owls and hair products. He dislikes strict rules and cynics.

Valeria (Dagger)

valeria dagger

  • Painter
  • Female
  • Voice Actor: Fryda Wolff
  • Valeria loves traveling, scotch whiskey and has interests in high art. She hates lars and ducks.

How to Date Weapons/Characters

Boyfriend Dungeon Characters Guide Wiki

Based on these descriptions, you can date one or all of them except Pocket, the cat. How to date these weapons you ask? Well, they exist as humans as well so you can talk to them and get to know them better. As you communicate with them better, you can go from friendship to a relationship. If you like someone’s personality but don’t want to romance them, you can also stick to a friendship.

Boyfriend Dungeon is available on Switch and Steam.