Bounty Pirates Redeem Codes May 2024

Looking for the codes to redeem in Bounty Pirates? Consider your search over as this guide has you covered.

Bounty Pirates is an idle RPG for iOS that supports the use of codes that you can redeem for freebies. This is a game based on the popular Manga and Anime series One Piece. The game gives you many features like real-time 5v5 duels, idle RPG mechanics that allow you to farm even without playing the game, and more. So in this guide let us quickly take a look at all the codes available for Bounty Pirates and how to redeem them.

All Bounty Pirates Redeem Codes May 2024

bounty pirates redeem codes

Below are all the active codes that you can use in Bounty Pirates. I have also noted the invalid codes after it. So let us check the codes.

Working Codes

These are all the codes that you can redeem in the game right now.

  • HFYZCLBsmd
  • KRKFMZmzk9nU5k 
  • OP888
  • OP777
  • OP666
  • NAYZCRf16Z4j5I

Expired Codes

These are all the codes that you can no longer redeem.

  • Currently, there are no expired codes. Once some codes become unusable, we will add them here and update this list.

Bounty Pirates FAQ

How to Redeem Bounty Pirates Codes

how to redeem bounty pirates codes
Image Credit: Alvin Cristobal on YouTube
  1. Open Bounty Pirates on your phone.
  2. On the top left corner of the screen click on your character profile.
  3. Here you will get a popup, on the bottom right you will find a Redeem Code button.
  4. Click on this button and you will get another popup that says Redeem Code.
  5. In this popup, you will see a textbox where you can enter the codes and Cancel & Redeem buttons.
  6. Click on the textbox that says “Pls enter a redeem code”.
  7. Enter the codes here.
  8. Once you are done entering the code click on the yellow Redeem button on the bottom right corner of the popup.
  9. If the code was correct you will get the rewards.

Remember to enter these codes exactly as given above. Be sure you don’t make any spelling mistakes as that will change the code and make it invalid.

That covers this guide on all Bounty Pirates codes and how to redeem them. Since you like playing such games check out our Mobile games section for more similar guides.