Gunfire Reborn: How To Beat Every Boss (Guide)

Here's a guide on how to beat every Boss in Gunfire Reborn.

Gunfire Reborn is a game with many genres infused into one. It shows elements of RPG, level-based FPS, and even Roguelite-like elements. As you collect items, mainly weapons, and explore the different levels, you will encounter numerous bosses. While some are optional, some will help you progress to further stages. This Boss guide will help you beat every boss there is in Gunfire Reborn. So let’s check out this guide and see how to do it.

How to Beat Every Boss in Gunfire Reborn

While none of these bosses are easy to beat, the challenge to defeat them will be a fun experience. Before we start with each boss, we have listed all the bosses that you will come across in the game. Here’s every boss that you will have to defeat in Gunfire Reborn:

  • Lu Wu
  • Golem (Optional Boss)
  • Ichthyosaurus Offspring
  • Wind God (Optional Boss)
  • Yoruhime-Maru
  • Abyssal Serpent (Optional Boss)
  • Pole Monarch

How to Beat Lu Wu

Lu Wu Boss Guide

Lu Wu is the first boss you will encounter in Gunfire Reborn. While he won’t be that hard, taking this boss leniently will be fatal for you. To beat the boss Lu Wu in Gunfire Reborn, the key thing will be distance. Here are the tips and tricks that you need to remember against this boss:

  • The key to this fight is having some distance. While his attacks are not close range, the distance will still help you avoid them.
  • You need to constantly attack him while he charges up his attacks and dodge or dash.
  • While we are at this, below are the attacks that you need to watch out for.
    • Boulder Throw – He will charge his gauntlet and throw boulders at you. You can dodge them by waiting till the red circle appears and then dashing to one side.
    • Fireball – He will aim the gauntlet towards you and shoot a fireball-like attack. Move to one side to dodge this.
    • Leap Attack – Lu Wu will jump towards you and smash the ground where he lands. Move to one side if you are at a distance. If the leap is from a closer distance, dash towards him. That is from where he jumped.
    • Ground Pound – This is when you are up close. He will charge the Gauntlet and then slam it on the ground. To avoid this, dash backward.

How to Beat Golem (Optional Boss)

Beat Golem Optional Boss

Golem is an optional boss who unlocks when you beat Lu Wu five times in Gunfire Reborn. Beating the Golem will take some good timing on your behalf. We recommend you take a rifle for this boss. Here are the tips and tricks you need to remember against Golem:

  • He will use chest beams which you need to dodge by hiding behind the pillars. If you have no pillars, a perfectly timed dash will help you counter the attack.
  • Next, he will destroy the pillars and respawn them. So do watch out for the red circles. Later on in the game, he will make the pillars explode for close range damage and then respawn them.
  • You need to also be careful of rocks that he will spawn in the air. Shoot them as soon as you can. While you can hide behind the pillar to dodge them, they will break the pillar which will remove your shield against the chest beam.
  • Another attack is when he will throw his arms at you. You will see two red circles and you need to time your dodge to avoid this.
  • Lastly, keep shooting him in the eye or the chest. These are his weak points with chest being the easier of the targets.

How to Beat Ichthyosaurus Offspring

Beat Ichthyosaurus Offspring Gunfire Reborn

Ichthyosaurus Offspring will take us to the desert region of Gunfire Reborn. This boss is significantly easy to beat. And while distance was key for the first two bosses, that is not the case here. Here’s all you need to remember to beat the boss Ichthyosaurus Offspring in Gunfire Reborn:

  • He has two weak points, his head and his tail. Mid fight he will go underground and then his tail will come out.
  • The tail has two attacks, one where it shoots acid like balls which you must avoid. The second one is a tail slam which you can dodge by moving to the sides.
  • He also shoots laser beams with his mouth that you can avoid by moving in one direction. However, move closer to the boss while this attack is in motion. This will help you avoid being hit.

This Guide is still a Work in Progress and we will update it soon with tips and tricks for the remaining bosses. While you are here, we have more guides that may catch your attention at Gamer Tweak.