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Borderlands 3 Skrakk Boss Fight: How to Kill & Rewards

A guide on where to find Skrakk and defeat it in borderlands 3

Every once in a while, Borderlands gives us a mini-boss that makes you feel like you have hit a gold mine. One such boss is the Skrakk in borderlands 3. This combination of a Skag and Rakk is a respawnable rare monster type that you will encounter at only one location in the game. In this guide, we show you how to find and how to defeat Skrakk in Borderlands 3.

Where to find skrakk in Borderlands 3?


Skrakk borderlands 3 Location, Kill Strategy, And Rewards
Skrakk’s location in Ascension Bluff on the Pandora planet. A part of the Ascension Bluff challenge is the Legendary Hunt which will require the players to defeat Skrakk. Once at the entry point, find your way to a plateau located on the right side of the main road by crossing a bridge. You will find the Skarkk’s lair there.

How to defeat the Skrakk In Borderlands?



Skarkk can fly and is guarded by a few Skags. So make sure you deal with them initially to concentrate fully on our big boy. Skrakk’s main attack is a sweeping dive bomb. The Skrakk will fly around at a pretty fast pace so the players will need to concentrate on their aims. Overall it is of moderate difficulty to kill the Skrakk and its guarding Skags. You can defeat Skrakk with assault rifles.

Rewards for defeating Skrakk



Rewards to defeat Skrakk in Borderlands 3 are legendary SkekSil pistol and Infiltrator class mod. The SkekSil is a legendary pistol manufactured by COV with Fire, Shock, or Corrosive elements. Infiltrator is a legendary mod for Zane Flynt increasing weapon damage and movement speed. They have a high drop rate tho not a guaranteed drop.

So that will be all for our guide on Skrakk in Bl3. If you want to know how to Killavolt Boss, make sure you check out our guide on How To Beat Killavolt Boss In Borderlands 3 – Boss Fight Tips.