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How To Beat Killavolt Boss In Boderlands 3 – Boss Fight Tips

Kill the Killavot

Killavolt is a tough boss to beat in Borderlands 3 and in this guide, I am going to show you a method to kill Killavolt. I will not say it is easy to defeat the boss but there is a strategy you can follow to dodge his attacks and then execute a plan to defeat this boss. There are chances that you might need more than one attempt to do this, but this method works. You can use it to beat Killavolt and progress further in the game. So let’s begin.

How to Beat Killavolt


You will face this boss in Moxxi’s Kill Killavolt mission located in Lectra City. Killavolt is a Level 16 boss and he can attack with powerful electric shocks using his weapon. To make the fight harder Killavolt can also launch electric attack from the ceiling directly on the conductive plates on the ground. To stop your incoming attacks the Killavolt can cover himself in a shield. So you can just imagine how tough this boss can be, but do not worry with our method you can take down this boss a little effort is needed.

You will face the boss in The Kill Arena located inside the plant, you have to fight a few thugs till going upstairs and cross the cheerleaders going all the way to the Bone Zone. Give Moxxi Tokens to start the fight. As the fight begins learn the pattern of Killavolt attacks, he will start attacking with electric shocks. Be ready to dodge this at all cost. As soon as you dodge, try to go behind the boss and start shooting him. This is where he is weak, and keep repeating the process.

When the boss attacks, wait for some seconds, dodge to his back and start shooting. You have to protect yourself from the electricity on conductive plates, they can hit the ground anytime killing you instantly. You have to be fast here, as soon as you see the boss doing this leave the area of attack, the electricity when hits the ground it will release a bolt on the floor. This is the worst attack by Killavolt.


How to Safely Dodge Killavolts Attacks

Stand on the non-conductive dishes, this will help you to recover your health and shields both. If you lost a lot of your health then it is necessary that you must run in a single direction for a short recovery. Keep running so that the boss cannot aim at you. You have to keep on shooting until you are able to destroy Killavolt’s shield. Once you are able to destroy the shield it will be now an easy task to down the boss because you can then empty the health bar.

At all cost dodget the attacks, stay out of the attack zone and take down the shield. Keep shooting and if you are playing as FL4K then in some attempts you can kill the boss.