Borderlands 3 FL4K Leveling Build

Find out the best skill trees to use and how to level up your FL4K build completely in BL3.

Borderlands 3 allows you to make a leveling build for the Beastmaster FL4K. Building up your character will level up their stats massively. This rings true especially for FL4K as your build will be able to boost your Critical Damage stats. So, let’s find out the best Skills to equip with FL4K in BL3.

Best Solo FL4K Borderlands 3 Leveling Guide

Borderlands 3 FL4K Leveling Best Build

For this build, we will be maxing out and capitalizing on FL4K’s offensive stats. So, find out the skills that you should use at each level of the build.

FL4K Hunter Tree Levels 2-7

  • Pet: Spiderant Centurion (issue attack command)
  • Action Skill: Gamma Burst
  • Add 2 Skill Points to ‘Interplanetary Stalker’.
  • Add 3 Skill Points to ‘Leave No Trace’.

FL4K Hunter Tree Levels 8-12

  • Action Skill: Switch Gamma Burst with Rakk Attack!
  • Add 2 Skill Points to Head Count
  • Add 5 Points to Interplanetary Stalker

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Borderlands 3 FL4K Leveling Build Hunter Tree Levels 13-17

  • Second Action Skill: Falconer’s Feast
  • Add 5 Points to Two F4ng
  • Pet: Spiderant Scorcher

FL4K Hunter Tree Levels 18-22

  • Add 2 Points to ‘Big Game’.
  • Add 3 Points to ‘The Most Dangerous Game’.
  • Replace Rakk Attack with Flock’n Load
  • Pet: Scorcher

FL4K Hunter Tree Levels 23-28

  • Add 1 Point to ‘Galactic Shadow’.
  • Add 1 Point to ‘Big Gane’
  • Replace Falconer’s Feast with Rakkcelerate.
  • Add 3 Points to Hunter’s Eye.

FL4K Stalker Tree Levels 29-33

  • Add 5 Points to Furious Attack

Borderlands 3 FL4K Leveling Build Stalker Tree Levels 34-38

  • Add 2 Points to ‘Eager to Impress’.
  • Add 4 Points to ‘Overclocked’.

FL4K Stalker Tree Levels 39-43

  • Add 1 Point to ‘Lick the Wounds’.
  • Add 3 Points to ‘Turn Tail and Run’.
  • Equip Fade Away, Guerrillas in the Mist, and Not My Circus

FL4K Stalker Tree Levels 44-50

  • Add 3 Points to ‘The Fast and the Furryous’.
  • Add 2 Points to ‘Eager to Impress’.
  • Replace Unblinking Eye with Not My Circus.
  • Add 2 Points to Rage and Recover.

Borderlands 3 FL4K Leveling Co-Op Build

  • Big Game
  • Eager to Impress
  • Furious Attack
  • Galactic Shadow
  • Head Count
  • Hunter’s Eye
  • Interplanetary Stalker
  • Most Dangerous Game
  • Overclocked
  • Persistence Hunter
  • The Fast and the Furryous
  • Turn Tail and Run
  • Two Fang

This is the complete Borderlands 3 FL4K Leveling Build. Make sure you have a look at our Borderlands 3 Wiki guide to learn more about the game.