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Borderlands 3 Unlimited Eridium Farming Cheat – Spoiler Alert

Farm Unlimited Eridium

Eridium is the glowing purple thing you will spot at Chapter 10 of Borderlands 3. This means you will have to complete a lot of game to reach all the way to Chapter 10. So “SPOILER ALERT“, if you had not reached that point and do not want to spoil the story then skip this guide right now. Or else if you are struggling to get Eridium and not yet reached Chapter 10 of Borderlands 3, then this simple Borderlands 3 cheat code can help you to get thousands of Eridium easily. It is an important currency to upgrade weapons, anointed gears and builds. So let’s begin with the guide on how to farm Eridium fast in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Eridium Farming Cheat


Before we start Spoiler Alert once again, and if you are ok with it lets begin with the cheat to farm thousands of Eridium for free in Borderlands 3. After reaching Chapter 10 you will have to clear vaults where Eridium farming will start for the first time. Clear the first vault and then take down the guardian of the vault in Forgotten Basilica. Go into the Vault of the Rampager, where you will gain access to an artifact that will let you harvest Eridium.

This is where harvesting Eridium begins, harvest the crystal and the chest will be closed. Harvest it and exit the game. Restart it once again, and you will spawn in the last checkpoint. Do not worry you will not face any boss here, the guardian is already dead, and now you can just jump into to harvest the Eridium from the chest one more time. Once again exit the game, respawn back at the last checkpoint, and re-harvest. Repeat these steps multiple time to keep on harvesting Eridium in Borderlands 3.

So now you how the cheat to harvest Eridium in Borderlands 3 without much efforts.