Borderlands 3 Amara Leveling Build Guide

Find out the best skill trees to use and how to level up your Amara build completely in BL3.

Borderlands 3 allows you to make a leveling build for the Siren Amara. Building up your character will level up their stats massively. This rings true especially for Amara as your build will be able to boost your Critical Damage stats. So, let’s find out the best Skills to equip with Amara in BL3.

Best Amara Borderlands 3 Leveling Guide

Borderlands 3 Amara Leveling Best Build

For this build, we will be maxing out and capitalizing on AMARA’s offensive stats. So, find out the skills that you should use at each level of the build. You can make your own build on the Official Website by clicking on the blue words.

AMARA Brawl Tree Levels 2-7

  • Action Skill: Phasegrasp
  • Action Skill: Phasecast
  • Add 2 Points to Clarity
  • Add 3 Points to Personal Space

AMARA Brawl Tree Levels 8-12

  • Add 2 Points to Helping Hands
  • Add 3 Points to Samsara
  • Action Skill: Phasegrasp
  • Action Skill: Phasecast

Borderlands 3 AMARA Leveling Build Brawl Tree Levels 13-17

  • Add 1 Point to Find Your Center
  • Add 1 Point to Helping Hands
  • Action Skill: Replace Phaseslam with Fracture
  • Add 3 Points to Mindfulness

AMARA Brawl Tree Levels 18-22

  • Add 5 Points to Root to Rise in the 1st Tier
  • Action Skill: Fracture

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AMARA Brawl Tree Levels 23-28

  • Add 1 Point to Guardian Angel in 5th Tier
  • Add 1 Point to Do Unto Others
  • Action Skill: Blitz
  • Add 1 Point to Do Unto Others
  • Add 3 Points to Jab Cross

Borderlands 3 AMARA Leveling Build AMARA Fist Of The Elements Tree Levels 29-44

  • Open the Orange Tree
  • Add 5 Points to Anima
  • Add 4 Points to Infusion
  • Include Soulfire
  • Add 1 Point to Illuminated Fist in 2nd Tier
  • Add 5 Points to Wildfire

AMARA Fist Of The Elements Tree Levels 45-50

  • Add 1 Point to Deep Well
  • Also, add 1 Point to Dread
  • Add 3 Points to Indiscriminate in the 4th Tier
  • Action Skill: Fist Over Matter
  • Add Allure Augment

This is the complete Borderlands 3 Amara Siren Leveling Build. Make sure you have a look at our Borderlands 3 Wiki guide to learn more about the game.