How To Obtain Strawberry Milk In Boba Story

Use this method to get Strawberry Milk for your Royal Milk Tea and Strawberry Cow Boba in Boba Story.

Making Royal Milk Tea or Boba Cheese Foam but are short on Strawberry Milk in Boba Story. Strawberry Milk is one of the rarest ingredients you will find in the game. But recipes that use them are also elite. And Strawberry is nostalgia, the game starts with you making Strawberry Bubble Tea. So not having Strawberry recipes on your menu feels like you are missing a lot. Also, it was the Strawberry forest spirit that showed up and asked for your help in restoring the Old Boba Store. Getting to experiment with it is something we all love to do. So read along and learn how to get that ingredient in Boba Story.

Where to Find Strawberry Milk in Boba Story

How To Obtain Strawberry Milk In Boba Story

At present, there is only one way to obtain Strawberry Milk in the game. You get them as Kokoro’s Gifts. But as many of you might already be aware of it, Kokoro’s Gifts are randomly generated. Some have a higher rate of appearing, while others hardly make their appearance. Strawberry Milk is one such ingredient that needs you to have strong luck or patience to spend Leaves and watch ads. If you are not in a hurry, we don’t recommend spending your Leaves on it. You should rather watch ads to get them. Since it doesn’t seem like spending Leaves over watching ads makes any difference in Gacha’s rate.

Who is Kokoro and How to Unlock Kokoro’s Gifts

Kokoro is found in the Magic Den. And the den is unlocked with 1000 Leaves. It is on the left side. Magic Den is also the place where you will find the experiment table. This area is one of the first zones you unlock for experimentation and for obtaining ingredients like Strawberry Milk in Boba Story. You can get three free chances to roll for the ingredients. After which you have to either watch ads or spend 400 Leaves for Gifts.

These were all the ways to get Strawberry Milk in Boba Story. Have you accumulated piles of ingredients but have no idea what to do with them, check our Magic Den recipes. And then use Lid codes. Also, if you like cozy simulation games, you should check our Mobile guides. We have covered many games of the genre.