BlueStacks 5 (Beta) With ARM Support Available Now

BlueStacks, which specializes in mobile games for Android, but also on PC titles, today launched a big update: BlueStacks 5 (Beta).

BlueStacks 5 (Beta) Download

This version has been completely rewritten, optimizing the different functions and support for ARM technology. The year 2020 had a great impact on the gaming industry, marking an unprecedented growth, which radically changed the way people live in their free time.

Newzoo expects 2021 to confirm the trend, with growth leading to 2.8 billion players worldwide. Also growing is the number of titles available on mobile devices, increasingly performing, which many gamers want to play from PC. For this reason, BlueStacks has decided to launch its own platform.

“Our app container technology enables games to be optimized to run on PC, Mac and other devices without any additional work needed from the developer. This is a key component missing in both Android on Chromebook and iOS apps on Mac. We see the market for BlueStacks App Player expanding considerably with Apple’s endorsement of running iOS apps on the Mac form factor, and App Containers is a key technology for this,” stated Sharad Agarwal, Chief Architect for BlueStacks 5. “ARM devices have a big advantage over x86 devices for running Android Apps as they don’t need binary translation. Our support for ARM reflects the work we have been doing for the last three years.”

The use of non-mobile devices is also ideal for those who engage in prolonged gaming sessions. The numbers in the possession of BlueStacks speak of averages of 5 hours a day, important averages therefore that deserve fast, performing, and fluid products, all characteristics already known but further improved in the BlueStacks 5 incarnation of the application.

In addition to high performance and reduced loading times, comes the Eco-mode function, which allows you to immediately switch to Discord, or to manage a series of ‘rooms’ in parallel, always eliminating the typical delay of this type of action and all elements very appreciated by the players.

We remind you that BlueStacks 5 (beta) is available here for free download.