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Bloodborne Remaster Could Release on PC & PS5, Recent Alleged Playtest Suggests

Bloodborne Remaster has not yet been confirmed. But new rumors suggest that the title could appear as part of the next-gen launch for PC and PlayStation 5.

For several weeks it has been rumored that Bloodborne remaster version will make its way to the PS5. There was also talk of a PC launch. While the confirmations are still pending, PC Gaming Inquisition would like to talk a little more on the subject.


According to the Youtuber, a big playtest for the PC version of Bloodborne took place in July 2020. The aim was to fix problems that were found in previous QA tests. And further, it was stated that “All found critical bugs were fixed, online functionality is fully operational, the work on the port is almost finished.”

Also with regard to the PC version, PC Gaming Inquisition emphasized that gamers should not expect miracles in terms of frame rate. “Don’t expect miracles with the framerate, anything above 60 FPS still causing a lot of issues and game will probably be capped at 60 FPS even on PC (though I’m sure modders will figure out how to remove it),” the Youtuber said. At the same time, it was estimated that modders will probably find a way to bypass the frame rate limit.

Regarding the game’s launch period, PC Gaming Inquisition claims that the Bloodborne remaster PC port and PlayStation 5 version could appear in the next-gen console’s launch window. The job was done, so the announcement shouldn’t be too long in coming.


“Sony wants to push Bloodborne remaster in PS5 launch window line-up, but stuff can still be moved to a later date,” he said. “Regardless, I personally doubt it won’t release in 2020 and it shouldn’t take too long for the official reveal since the work on the remaster is more or less done.”

According to previous rumors, Bloodborne Remaster is to be created by QLoc and Bluepoint Games, which raised the question of whether it is the studio’s big project that has been talked about again and again recently.