Bloodborne Boss Order: All Main Bosses

Playing Bloodborne but don't want to fight every boss that you may come across? Here is the order to fight the main ones.

No matter if it is your first playthrough or if you are trying to get all endings, knowing the Bloodborne boss order can be very useful. When you count in all the Chalice dungeon, DLC, and normal bosses there are a total of 43 bosses that you can fight. But surprisingly only 7 of them are the ones that you cannot skip and are completely mandatory to beat. So below are all of the important ones and some other optional bosses that you may have to end up fighting while you make your way to them. Before checking the list there will be Spoilers about the names of some bosses ahead.

Bloodborne Main Bosses Order List

All Main Bosses Order List & How To Get All Endings

  • Cleric Beast (Optional Boss)
  • Father Gascoigne
  • Blood-starved Beast (Optional Boss)
  • Vicar Amelia
  • Witch of Hemwick (Optional Boss)
  • Shadow of Yharnam
  • Rom, the Vacuous Spider
  • The One Reborn
  • Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
  • Mergo’s Wet Nurse
  • Gehrman, The First Hunter (During Honoring Wishes Ending)
  • Moon Presence (During Childhood’s Beginning Ending)

Mergo’s Wet Nurse isn’t exactly the final boss of the game, but rather just the final boss of one of the endings. We will check how to get all endings in a bit. As for the reason I have added Cleric Beast, Blood-starved Beast, and Witch of Hemwick on this list, is because it is harder to avoid them while making your way to the next ones in the list, especially in your first playthrough.

Spoiler warning before we actually check each ending and the bosses you fight in them.

How to Get All Endings

The three endings in Bloodborne are:

  • Yharnam Sunrise: There won’t be any more boss fights for this ending. In this, you accept Gehrman’s offer and he will cut your head.
  • Honoring Wishes: This ending triggers the boss fight with Gehrman when you choose to refuse his offer.
  • Childhood’s Beginning: To get this ending you need to refuse Gehrman’s offer. But most importantly throughout your playthrough, you also need to consume exactly 3 One Third of Umbilical Cord. So here you first fight with Gehrman and after that with Moon Presence.

That’s all for the Bloodborne boss order list. While you are here also check out our guide on its weapons tier list and if it is harder than Elden Ring.

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