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Bloodborne Weapons Tier List (2022)

Here is the tier list of all weapons in Bloodborne.

Many players are looking for the Tier List of all weapons in Bloodborne. You can equip trick weapons in your right hand and firearms in your left hand. And the game has quite a lot of them for you to choose from. But with these many options also comes the confusion about which weapon should you use and get accustomed to. So in this Tier List let us check the best Trick Weapons and Firearms in Bloodborne.

Bloodborne Weapons Tier List – Ranking Trick Weapons from Best to Worst


bloodborne weapons tier list

Before getting into this list these are my recommendations for the best Trick Weapons and Firearms in Bloodborne. You might find some of your favorite weapons placed on a different tier based on your playstyle. Don’t worry you can still have fun using them. Now let us check this list.

Trick Weapon Tier
Whirligig Saw S Tier
Ludwig’s Holy Blade S Tier
Holy Moonlight Sword S Tier
Saw Cleaver A Tier
Rakuyo A Tier
Hunter Axe A Tier
Chikage A Tier
Saw Spear A Tier
Burial Blade B Tier
Blade of Mercy B Tier
Beasthunter Saif B Tier
Simon’s Bowblade B Tier
Bloodletter B Tier
Boom Hammer B Tier
Logarius’ Wheel B Tier
Kirkhammer B Tier
Beast Cutter B Tier
Church Pick B Tier
Beast Claw C Tier
Threaded Cane C Tier
Tonitrus C Tier
Amygdalan Arm C Tier
Kos Parasite C Tier
Reiterpallasch D Tier
Rifle Spear D Tier
Stake Driver D Tier


Firearms Tier List

Firearms Tier
Cannon S Tier
Gatling Gun S Tier
Repeating Pistol S Tier
Hunter Pistol S Tier
Hunter Blunderbuss A Tier
Evelyn A Tier
Ludwig’s Rifle B Tier
Piercing Rifle B Tier
Church Cannon C Tier

That covers this Tier List for all the Trick Weapons & Firearms in Bloodborne. If you enjoyed this list or found it to be useful then you should also check our other Tier Lists. And if you need help with other games then you can mind Video Game guides right here at Gamer Tweak.