Blair Witch Gameplay Trailer Shows More About Black Hill forest

The new gameplay trailer for Blair Witch shows a bit more about the game, it shows the setting the game is based on and that over time the protagonists starts losing his mind. You are accompanied by your dog whom you can give orders to.

The horror game is based on the movie series which kicked off the games and now we have the fourth game in the series. This though does not seem to be a continuation of the earlier titles and is more like a fresh attempt at the Blair Witch lore.

You are equipped with a flashlight, a mobile device, and a dog. Set in the year 1996, you play as a detective as you must find a kid lost in the Black Hill forest.

The main aim is survival and you cannot look straight at the witch, which leads to death as the films have shown over the years. This game looks to be fun and if the developers have made it immersive it will most like be a hit.

Blair Witch is being developed by The Bloober Team, it is scheduled to be released on 30th August 2019 for PC and Xbox One