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What Is The Black Family’s Motto In Hogwarts Legacy?

Here's the password to get access to the Headmaster's office in Hogwarts Legacy.

Knowing the Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto is important during one of your main story quests ‘The Polyjuice Plot’ where you will transform into Headmaster Professor Black in order to infiltrate his office. Your character is under the effect of a Polyjuice potion and you must, quickly, talk to Scrope to know the clan’s motto. Here’s the password that you need to know to get into the office before the elixir’s effects disappear.

Note that the Potion will help you get disguised as Professor Black but won’t let you access his memories. After drinking the potion you can head towards the Great Hall where you will meet Madam Kogawa on your way there. She will let you know about Scrope hiding in the hall. Once you find Scrope in the hall, you can ask him about the password to Black’s Office, after which he will deny, saying that Professor Black himself told him not to tell anyone even if it’s him. Here you will have two options for dialogues – you can choose whichever option you like as this dialogue preference doesn’t really matter. Scrope then reveals that the password to the Headmaster’s office is Black Family’s Motto.

What is the Black Family’s Motto in Hogwarts Legacy?

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To get the Black Family’s motto from Scrope, you will have three options to choose from:

  • It’s to do with strength
  • It’s to do with my family’s reign
  • It’s to do with the purity of blood

Choose the “purity of blood” option as Scrope will then reveal that it’s “Always Pure” which in French is “Toujours Pur”. Once you get the motto you can hide for the potion to wear off and then use it to unlock the Headmaster’s Office.

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That is everything on Black Family’s Motto and how you can learn it from Scrope in Hogwarts Legacy. If you want to know how you can meet Sebastian along the coast here is our guide.