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Bitlife: How To Work For Bitlife

Here's how to work for Bitlife company in Bitlife game.

You must work for Bitlife in order to participate in the Bitlife Groupie Challenge. Working for the firm that creates Bitlife is a gaming technique that only a few individuals are aware of. It’s a pleasant thing to do, even if it doesn’t grant your character any extra benefits. However, you must have the appropriate education to work for them. So let’s today let’s look at how to work for Bitlife.

How to Work for Bitlife?


To work for Bitlife, you must start by creating a character-based in Miami, Florida. This is because the real-life office of Bitlife is situated there. Your character can either be born there, or you can move to Miami later in your life. You must enroll in computer science at the university level to satisfy the criteria for a career at Bitlife. Because you’ll be an app developer, you’ll want to make sure you get high marks by studying hard. You may also reroll characters till you find one with high intelligence, however, reading books will get your smarts up to 100.

Go to the job section once you’ve completed your four years of study to check the available jobs. You have to apply for the role of Jr. App Developer. Double-check if Bitlife or Candywriter is offering the position by clicking on it. Apply for the job when you see one from BitLife. If you do not find the position on the list, you can reload the app or wait a year to see fresh postings.


We also propose that you create your character in the proper location as mentioned above instead of worrying about moving later. Also if you have a low IQ, then age to the point when you can raise your intelligence. When you reach this level, you will be able to improve your intelligence by reading books and visiting the library. Thus you can acquire a job at BitLife in BitLife if you have a high IQ and a computer science degree.

That’s everything you need to know about how to work for BitLife in Bitlife game. While you here, make sure to check out more of our Bitlife Guides.