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How To Complete The Ghostbusters Challenge | Become an Exorcist

How to complete the BitLife Ghostbusters Challenge. To finish it, you must be in the United States, become an Exorcist & perform Exorcisms.

October is all about the spooky season and since Halloween is approaching soon, BitLife has a challenge related to it. Yes, it’s the Ghostbusters challenge in BitLife! If you love to watch ghost investigating shows or even like to go ghost hunting yourself, this one is for you. Here are all the requirements of this challenge and how to complete it easily. In this case, though, you aren’t really a ghost investigator but you have to actually become an exorcist! Read on to know more about it.

BitLife Ghostbusters Challenge Guide: How to Complete


The instructions say that you need to “hone your career as an exorcist” and then use your skills to remove spirits from haunted homes. Specifically, you must:

  • Live in or emigrate to the United States
  • Become and Exorcist
  • Perform 10 exorcisms in your own haunted houses

As you can see, being in the United States of America is crucial to complete this spooky challenge. You can choose to be born in the US and then become smart. That’s because you need a lot of money to buy haunted houses. So, make sure to study hard, complete high school and college. Get a degree in something that will make you a lot of money – I chose Mathematics. Once you have enough money, buying multiple houses becomes easy.


How to Become an Exorcist in BitLife

To get the job of an Exorcist in BitLife, you must keep an eye on the jobs section. Once you see the listing for an Exorcist, you can become one immediately. In case you don’t see it, either close the app and open it again or increase your age to see newer jobs. You don’t need any particular qualification for it so that’s good.

To buy haunted houses, you must buy them from Assets > Real Estate Brokers. Buy only the ones shown as haunted for this challenge – the more haunted, the better. Plus, you should be able to afford them too. Things will get slightly easier for you if you buy the highly haunted houses because you need to perform 10 exorcisms in those. The hauntedness will be shown in the pop-up as a meter. Don’t buy the ones that are barely haunted because it will take a long time to complete this challenge with those.


Next, to perform exorcisms, you need to go to the house and tap on “Spirits”. Choose a ghost and do an Exorcism on them. Keep trying until you are able to complete the Ghostbusters challenge in BitLife. Also remember that when you are done removing the “hauntedness” of the house, you can sell it for a higher price.


That’s everything you need to know about this interesting challenge. Go ahead and start this process to become an Exorcist. If this helped you out, check out how to become royalty and how to run for president or prime minister in BitLife as well.