How To Complete The Shawshank Challenge In BitLife

Shawshank is the new weekly challenge in BitLife.

A new week has started and BitLife is here with a new challenge for the players. This time the challenge is named the Shawshank challenge. Similar to most of the challenges in BitLife which were inspired by some events, this challenge has its roots in the book titled Shawshank Redemption which was written by Stephen King. The tasks of the Shawshank challenge are not that hard to complete, but without the correct path, you might end up being dead instead of completing the challenge. In this guide, we will give out all the tips that we have that can help to complete the Shawshank challenge in BitLife.

BitLife: What are the Tasks in Shawshank Challenge

Before getting into how to complete the challenge, let’s know what the challenge is. The Shawshank challenge has 5 tasks to complete, which are:

  1. Get convicted of murder anywhere in the USA
  2. Spend thirty years in prison
  3. Get beat up five times by prison gangs
  4. Escape after thirty years
  5. Move to Mexico

Since the tasks require you to only murder and then escape, there is no need to focus on your character’s stats for this challenge.

BitLife: How to Complete the Shawshank Challenge

The first task to complete the Shawshank challenge in BitLife is to get convicted of murder anywhere in the USA. Hence, the only thing essential here is to born in the USA. Once you are 18+, its time to murder someone in the USA and get convicted for it. Head to the crime section in the activities tab and select murder. Ensure that you get convicted for the murder, otherwise, your hard work will be wasted, and no one likes that. Choose a public defender as your lawyer, because we anyhow want you to go to jail so why to waste money.

Once you are in jail, it’s time to complete the next two tasks simultaneously. The second task is to spend thirty years in jail and that’s a long time. While you are waiting for the time to complete, you can easily get beaten up by prison gangs five times to complete the third task as well.

To get beaten up, all you need to do is mess with other prisoners who are a part of any gang. When you mess with them, the result will probably be that you are being beaten up by the gang. Another way of getting beaten up is by attempting to join a high infamy gang despite being a low-level prisoner. Try any of the methods to get to the end result of being beaten up by the prison gang. Repeat this process until you are beaten up five times, and then wait for the 30 years to complete, if there is any time left.

The next task to complete the Shawshank challenge in BitLife is to escape the prison, which of course is not going to be easy at all. To break the prison cell, you will have to complete an in-game puzzle. The puzzle can be random, and all of them are hard. So, put your thoughts into it to complete the puzzle and escape the prison.

The last task that you have to complete in the Shawshank challenge in BitLife is to emigrate to Mexico. Once you are out of the prison, head to the emigration section and look at the options available with you. The list of available areas is random. If you find Mexico in the first list, that’s very lucky. If you don’t find it on the list, you can age up and wait for the list to change. But if you are like me and don’t want to wait, closing the app is the best we have got. Just close the app and continue the challenge again to get a new list. Repeat this process until the game decides to give Mexico on the list. The only thing that will be left to do then is to emigrate to Mexico and complete the Shawshank challenge in BitLife.

That’s how you complete the Shawshank challenge in BitLife. There are some other things in BitLife that might excite you. Recently a new royalty update was released for BitLife. With the update in effect, you can now easily become royalty in BitLife. BitLife is fun to play. While on the one hand, you can act like a prisoner, and on the other hand, you can get into Law School and become a lawyer or judge yourself.