BioShock Director’s New Game Is In The Final Stages of Pre-Production

After the American studio Irrational Games was closed in the now distant 2014, despite the enormous fortune derived from its flagship series BioShock, its founder and director of the aforementioned saga Ken Levine did not abandon his career as a game director and decided to continue to develop games with his new studio Ghost Story Games, born on the ashes of his old software house and which had a smaller number of employees.

In recent years Ken Levine and his team have been working on a new project, which although still remains a mystery, would seem that it will soon come out of its pre-production phase, officially entering its full development.

All this is confirmed by the fact that in the last few hours online application forms have begun to appear for new jobs at the Westwood development house, in which a person is required who can empathize with the player and who is able to offer quality gaming experiences, so as to build long and lasting relationships.

Furthermore, the announcements specify that the project is in the final stages of pre-production, suggesting that once the team has expanded further – which since its foundation has already gone from just 12 employees to now 35 – will officially begin development of their new game, and maybe we will also begin to have more news about it.

For now, Ken Levine’s next work with his new Ghost Story Games studio remains shrouded in mystery and in the curiosity of all fans, who can’t wait to really find out what the creator of BioShock has invented this time.

For now, we just have to wait to find out more details on Levine’s new work, despite the fact that in recent years he had declared that it could be an RPG with science fiction elements.