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BioShock Creator To Finally Reveal Next Game This Year

Apparently, Ghost Story Games and the creator of Bioshock has been working hard behind the scenes.

While there have not yet been any real definitive details on the next game of Ken Levine, it seems that Ghost Story Games has been working hard behind the scenes. For the uninitiated, Levine founded Ghost Story Games in 2017 along with other 12 former developers of Irrational Games and serves as president and creative director of the studio.

While the team hasn’t released any new games since, it seems they’ve been working on new work during this time in great secrecy. In this regard, Ken Levine broke the silence on the development of this mysterious project, anticipating that there is a possibility that the game will see the light this year.

The confirmation came through Levine’s official Twitter account, where he tweeted asking his followers to send him questions. A follower asked if there would be any new announcements from Ghost Story in 2021, to which Levine replied that there were “non-zero chance but no promises” that an announcement would be made about it. However, Levine also said not to make any promises on that front, so there’s still a chance the studio will remain silent this year as well.

Ghost Story Games will be four years old this February, and the fact that there may not be any official news this year either might put fans in agitation. Levine has said in the past that his next game would be an open-world FPS title with “very fluid and dynamic relationships” between the characters.

As for Bioshock 4, the title is under development at a new studio called Cloud Chamber, which was founded by 2K precisely to produce a new chapter in the saga created by Levine.