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How To Save Outfits in Biomutant?

Want to hold on to those funky outfits? Here’s how to save outfits in Biomutant

The world of Biomutant is very vibrant, from the lush green lands to the colorful furry animals it all seems very well designed. On top of that, the creators have made multiple armors and other gear available for players. Players can choose from headgear, pants, backpacks, which are available in a large variety. Players can combine them and craft various unique outfits for their character. Let’s see how to save those outfits in Biomutant.

How To Save Outfits In Biomutant?


Outfits tab can be accessed from the home menu and also from the pause menu. Under the outfits tab, you can see all the slots on the left of your screen, you get 5 outfit slots in total. Click on any of the slots and you will be able to access the outfit you designed. Select a blank slot by pressing the “X” button and then move to the “Gear” tab. The Gear tab can be found next to the “Outfit” tab at the top of the screen.

Biomutant save outfit

Select the part of the character and on the left, you will get all the available gear options for that part. You can select gear for the characters Head, Torso, Face, and legs. All the changes you make get saved automatically. Now when you access the slot from the Outfit tab you will see the changes you won’t see a blank character, you will see the changes you made.


While starting Biomutant players are overwhelmed with just by sheer details and options the game gives them. Still, there are some things the game doesn’t explain well, and saving outfits is one of them. Nowhere in the game are you explicitly told about the auto-save feature of Outfits. A lot of Gear is initially available for players, and much is unlocked as you progress in the game. Outfits have a very minimal effect on the attributes of the player. It is mostly used to make your character look as cool as possible.

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