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Biomutant: Resistances Reset Bug Fix

Here's how to fix the Biomutant Resistances wipe and reset bug.

Are you wondering how to fix the Resistances reset bug in Biomutant? Get the answer right here. You take on the role of a belligerent mutant animal charged with saving the Tree-of-Life. The sacred tree and its five roots is gravely destroyed by toxic oil gushing from the earth. And players find it odd even the game is plagued with a bug, one that can wipe and reset all the five different Resistances you have in the game. So today let’s look at how to fix this glitch.

How to Fix the Resistances Reset Bug in Biomutant?

To fix the Resistances reset bug in Biomutant, you need to revert back to a previous save file. If you realize that all of your Resistances bonuses have been wiped, you can only resolve this Biomutant glitch by reloading a previous save. Hopefully, you’ll have a Save File with all of your Resistances intact. You should be alright as long as you don’t save after your Resistances have vanished.

How to Fix the Resistances Reset Bug in Biomutant

Since you can’t reassign your skill points, this may easily wreak havoc on your save file. You could unintentionally spend your hard-earned Bio Points on a stat that doesn’t require it. This is extremely troublesome when using Bio Points to enhance your armor’s built-in abilities. As a result, the majority of the game’s armor won’t give any form of benefit when worn. We hope the devs look into this issue and release a patch fix for this.

This bug starts if you try to use the Mutation Spot in Bio Nucleus 6D, according to Reddit. Once you interact with it, an unanticipated interaction between the equipment and add-ons develops. Again, this is just speculation. However, it appears that triggering the Mutation Spot creates a glitch in which armor add-ons lose their Resistances. If you don’t quickly load the previous save file which has all of your Resistances intact, then all your armor Resistances might be lost permanently.

That’s everything you needed to know about How to Fix the Resistances Reset Bug in Biomutant. If you are an avid fan of the game then we have lots of tips and tricks for you in our Biomutant Guides.