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How to Make Money Fast In Biomutant?

The main way to get Green in Biomutant is to find a Greenleaf Plant. Here is how to get Money (Green) Fast In Biomutant.

Money in Biomutant is called as “Green”. An in-game currency you can use to buy items. A most important way to farm Green or Money in Biomuttant is finding Greenleaf Plant. You can unlock new gears and items using Green. I will provide you with all the tips and tricks to farm green in Biomutant.

Biomutant Greenleaf Plant Locations


Biomutant greens
Players can find the Greenleaf plant anywhere in the open world of Biomutant, it’ll be shaped like a hoop. Check the image above, finding this plan will give you 350 Greens. Whenever you see it just go through it and your character will snatch leaves while going through it. This will refill Greens in your inventory, but you won’t be able to go through the same hoop again. Don’t miss out on the Greenleaf plant as you will need a lot of greens in the game and you won’t be able to reuse the plant as well.

Another way of getting Greens is by selling items to a vendor. Vendors can be found at an Outpost or the town your tribe captured by defeating enemies. In Biomutant you can not only craft but also upgrade your weapons and armors. There are multiple parts of weapons and armors that you can upgrade in terms and quality. You can sell these weapons and armors or their parts to the Vendors in exchange for some greens. The number of greens you will get will depend on your Luck attribute and Charisma stat.

I recommend you focus on increasing the Charisma stat as it will enhance your bargaining skills and get you a better deal every time you buy or sell items in the game. Players can also get Greens by looting enemies after defeating them. While the amount of Green you will get will be minimal but it’s always better to have some extra in-game currency.


You can scout the map for items or can buy them as well from vendors in the Outpost or towns. To buy items and other resources you will need in-game currency called Green. That’s all you needed to know about Greens, do check out our article to know how to restore Ki energy in Biomutant